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Best-in-class clad wood windows1

Our most popular, hands down

It’s no surprise millions of homeowners have chosen 400 Series windows. Built on decades of engineering and design, these products simply work, every… single… day.

Customizable options

Exterior colors, hardware options and finishes, grille patterns, sizes and more.


Vinyl-clad exteriors never need painting.

Energy efficient

400 Series products offer superior energy efficiency to help lower heating and cooling bills.

Easy operation

400 Series products are easy to use every day

Strength that lasts2

We use the right materials, including solid wood and vinyl, for superior strength inside and out.

Weather resistance

No matter where you live, sealing out drafts, wind and water is at the heart of our product’s construction.3

Awning windows

What: The one that cranks open from the bottom
Where: Often placed higher on walls for privacy and air flow
Fun Fact:  Can stay open in the rain so you hear the pitter patter & feel the fresh air

Bay & bow windows

What: The cozy nook with at least three windows
Where: Most often used in living rooms and bedrooms
Fun Fact:  Angled out beyond the house wall, for extra space inside

Casement windows

What: The one that cranks open
Where: Popular above kitchen sinks because they’re so easy to open
Fun Fact:  Can be as big as 8 ft. tall for more light and fresh air

Tilt-wash double-hung windows

What: The one that slides up and down
Where: Often placed… well, everywhere
Fun Fact:  One of the most common windows in America

Gliding windows

What: The one that slides side to side
Where: Often found in kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms
Fun Fact:  Like a sliding glass door, but smaller

Picture windows

What: The one that doesn’t open
Where: Often combined with windows that do open
Fun Fact:  Great way to frame views and fill your space with natural light

Specialty windows

What: The one that doesn’t open, but comes in fun shapes
Where: Often used as a design statement
Fun Fact:  A shape to fit even the most unique personalities

French & hinged patio doors

What: The door that swings open
Where: Great for patios, decks and even side entrances
Fun Fact:  It can open in or out, either way you’ll get outside!

Frenchwood gliding patio doors

What: The one that slides open
Where: Perfect when you don’t have space for a hinged door
Fun Fact:  Slides left or right, opening to the great outdoors

Low-E4® glass

Offers excellent energy efficiency for all climates where both heating and cooling costs are a concern.

SmartSun™ glass

Recommended for Southern climates, it provides exceptional energy efficiency by maximizing light and keeping the sun’s heat out.

Sun glass

Ideal for warmer Southern climates, it’s tinted to block the sun’s intense heat.

HeatLock® coating

A special coating that can be applied to any glass option to help heat stay inside your home.

Introducing the contemporary profile option

Available on 400 Series awning, casement, picture and specialty windows.


Embrace clean and geometric lines with the contemporary interior profile.


Design for classic character with the traditional interior profile.

400 Series Product Guide

Product guides provide high-level overviews of the features and options available with each Andersen® product series.  Additionally, they include detailed information on the construction of each type of 400 Series window and door, along with sizing charts and section details. Product performance data is also included.

A top warranty in the industry

Every 400 Series window and door comes with one of the industry’s best limited warranties. The warranty is even transferable, so it’ll continue to add value if you decide to sell your home.


Explore other series

The Smart Alternative to Vinyl

100 Series

Our budget-friendly 100 Series product line is engineered with Fibrex® composite material for durability, sustainability and energy-efficiency. It’s twice as strong as vinyl and provides low-maintenance exteriors with clean corners for a refined look.

Warmth of Wood

200 Series

By focusing on only the most popular designs and sizes, the 200 Series product line creates just the right balance of innovation, design, efficiency and price. It’s a value that is unmatched in a wood window.

Architectural Collection


Every sash, every piece of hardware and every accessory easily comes together to allow you to create the home style you’re after.

Architectural Collection


Custom colors, dramatic sizes, dynamic shapes, exotic woods and more. Every E-Series window and door becomes a design opportunity, giving you the freedom to custom-create the home of your dreams.