100 Series windows and doors

A better choice for your home

Whether you’re replacing, remodeling or building new, Andersen® 100 Series windows and patio doors offer many advantages over vinyl.

100 Series products

Awning windows

What: The one that cranks open from the bottom
Where: Often placed higher on walls for privacy and air flow
Fun Fact:  Can stay open in the rain so you hear the pitter patter & feel the fresh air

Casement windows

What: The one that cranks open
Where: Popular above kitchen sinks because they’re so easy to open
Fun Fact:  Can be as big as 8 ft. tall for more light and fresh air

Gliding windows

What: The one that slides side to side
Where: Often found in kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms
Fun Fact:  Like a sliding glass door, but smaller

Picture windows

What: The one that doesn’t open
Where: Often combined with windows that do open
Fun Fact:  Great way to frame views and fill your space with natural light

Single-hung windows

What: The one that slides up and down
Where: Often placed… well, everywhere
Fun Fact:  One of the most common windows in America

Specialty windows

What: The one that doesn’t open, but comes in fun shapes
Where: Often used as a design statement
Fun Fact:  A shape to fit even the most unique personalities

Gliding patio doors

What: The one that slides open
Where: Perfect when you don’t have space for a hinged door
Fun Fact:  Slides left or right, opening to the great outdoors

Innovative and sustainable

Sleek profiles, contemporary style and dark colors with a durable, low-maintenance finish.

What's it made of?

Made of Fibrex® composite material, which is twice as strong and rigid as vinyl.

Energy efficiency

It’s built into every window. We have options to help you meet the performance level you need.

100 Series technical guides for professionals

Explore more Andersen series products

Warmth of Wood

200 Series

By focusing on only the most popular designs and sizes, the 200 Series product line creates just the right balance of innovation, design, efficiency and price. It’s a value that is unmatched in a wood window.

Classic Wood Craftsmanship

400 Series

As our most popular series with our longest-standing products, the 400 Series product line brings you the best overall blend of performance and style to satisfy just about any window or door need.

Architectural Collection


Every sash, every piece of hardware and every accessory easily comes together to allow you to create the home style you’re after.

Architectural Collection


Custom colors, dramatic sizes, dynamic shapes, exotic woods and more. Every E-Series window and door becomes a design opportunity, giving you the freedom to custom-create the home of your dreams.

100 Series technical guides for professionals

View our 100 Series brochure online for an overview of options, accessories and performance details.

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